About this site: I am Bram Eulaers. Born in Belgium, currently living in Southern California. I am an artist who
is passionate about all aspects of game creation, with a professional focus on environment art. I currently work as a senior artist at Blizzard Entertainment

Contact: bram.eulaers@gmail.com



GIBHARD - 2011-ongoing
FPS with procedurally generated levels. A personal project I have been working on to learn more about different aspects of game creation. Planned for release in 2016, Click the banner to go to the official GIBHARD website!

OVERWATCH - VARIOUS - 2013-ongoing
Environment work I did for Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch. A selection of officially released screenshots that prominently feature my work. The environments were of course a team effort, extra credit goes to Philip KlevestavHelder PintoAndrew Klimas, Dion Rogers and the rest of the Overwatch team.

Environment work I did on the "Eichenwalde" map for Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch. I worked mainly on the castle exterior, interior and surrounding structures. Created textures, materials and architecture geometry. Designed the castle exterior and also created water shaders for the river and flooded room.

Environment work I did on the "Numbani" map for Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch. I took the map from initial level designer blockout to final art. I designed and created the majority of buildings, materials and background. Also created a parallax shader for the glass.

Environment work I did on the "Hollywood" map for Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch. I took the map from initial level designer blockout to final art. Modelled and textured the ground mesh and the majority of the architecture. Alien movie set by Andrew Klimas!

FOREST ENVIRONMENT - Fortress (cancelled), 2009
A nordic landscape of pine trees, meadows, rock outcroppings and cliffs. I made all trees and rocks, laid out everything on the terrain and worked on the lighting and athmospheric settings. Everything was built in 2 weeks time.

SWEDISH MANSION LEVEL - Wanted 2 (cancelled), 2009
In this level I created all vegetation except for the flowers. Everything is built for a game with covermechanics in mind. I also worked on terrain textures, rocks, flowerbeds and hedges. I did an art pass which consisted of placing vegetation, laying out paths and tweaking the lighting. I helped guiding the team to make sure all the assets fitted nicely together.

LUXURY YACHT - Wanted 2 (cancelled), 2009
A level taking place in a luxurious yacht. I did the design of the yacht, planned out all the pieces used to build it and finalised most of the exterior assets. I also placed all the assets in the level and did the lighting. All the lighting is realtime, no lightmaps were baked.

ABANDONED COLONY - Unearthly Challenge 2008, 1st prize winner
Unearthly Challenge is an environment art competition organised by game artisans and 
polycount, I won first prize in the 3D category and also won an extra honorary award. You can 
find an interview and more construction shots here. The scene is built in Unreal3 with modular
assets. I created all models, textures, effects and lighting, and painted initial concepts before
constructing the scene. 

Bionic commando is a sequel the Capcom's 1987 classic. All of the pics in the link are areas i focussed my work on. On Bionic Commando I did leveldesign, prototyping of modular geometry and  producing various assets.

These are some screenshots of a short game I am developing together with Anders Jansson on valve's source engine. It will be a short first person adventure game focussing mainly on the hard sci-fi feeling of exploring an unknown world.

30 minute speed paintings I did for the Spitpaint challenge.

A selection of various concept art and speed paintings I did